Monday, April 4, 2011

Website: Rocket Piano
Rating: 5/5 Stars!!
Cost: $39.95 (Instant Digital Download)
$199.95 (Hardcopy Books and DVD Package)

What Is Rocket Piano?
Rocket Piano is a compilation of audio tracks, videos, music books and additional software designed to teach piano. Developed by Ruth Searle, Rocket Piano usually retails for approximately $39.95-$100 in digital form, with bound (print) versions reaching $200. Considering piano teachers charge anywhere from $10 to $50 per lesson, this isn’t a horrible price. Still, you have to ask yourself whether Rocket Piano is worth the cash.

The eBook teaching sessions are headed by Ruth Searle, a graduate of Bachelor of the Arts, an experienced pianist of over 15 years, and renowned piano and keyboard trainer. Rocket Piano, with its software pack accessible on the Internet, decreases the learning curve required for learning the piano, thus transforming your training into an enjoyable experience everyday. After all, learning to play the piano is easiest, when you enjoy playing the instrument.

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Rocket Piano appears to be much more comprehensive than some other piano training courses on the market. Rocket Piano addresses issues like posture and hand positioning, for example, as well as multiple music genres. Rocket Piano also includes ear training, which most piano training courses skip even if they explain theory. This is a pretty important feature, since recognizing pitch and rhythm “by ear” is vital to playing without sheet music. Key components of Rocket Piano include:

  • 6 books including audio tracks
  • 26 “jam” tracks
  • 57 instructional videos
  • Rocket Piano software
  • Software for learning to read music and to play by ear
  • Rocket Piano metronome
  • Access to lessons on popular songs (30 days)
All in all, Rocket Piano is a good program because it is so multi-dimensional. If you’re more auditory, you can spend more time on the jam tracks, for instance. If you’re more visual, you can concentrate on the videos. Rocket Piano takes a serious approach to piano playing that makes it more likely you’ll really understand piano technique and become a better musician as a whole.

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